Seed to Table; Greens and Blooms

Coming soon Spring 2023


Grown with love and care in Buckhannon, West Virginia.

All seeds are non GMO and grown with your health in mind. Microgreens are currently offered, along with grow kits. Cut flowers will be offered Spring 2023.

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Mills Hill Farm is a flower farm that sits up on a hill in Buckhannon, West Virginia, on the Mills family property.

Wayne, Brandi, and their two boys, Maddux and Prescott, are the Mills family. They moved to, what they call, Mills Hill, at the end of 2020. This property is slowly, but surely, becoming what they have always dreamed of, an area for the boys to roam without worry, establishing gardens, growing their own food (and gorgeous flowers), and sharing that with the community.

While the cut flowers are getting established (they will be ready early 2023) fresh microgreens are ready each week for delivery or to grow in your own home!

The Mills Family on Mills Hill

Mills Hill Farm will soon be joining Local Farmer’s Markets!

Check back here for more details!